Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

New Themes

Siapa Orang Paling Misterius : Farras Salsabiila
Hello all my friends who faithfully read my articles! I am very grateful that you have been willing to read my article.
Previously, I would like to ask. Do you think my new theme is better or worse than yesterday? If previously the theme of yesterday I helped my sister but now I make my own theme.
This article is actually not want to tell you about my new theme but on my friends. My friend? Why? They look at my blog and they comment on my blog good. I say thank you. But one day, a friend who asked decorated his blog. I was helping her. Calculated, also good deeds.
Apparently, my friends are also like dihiasin her by my blog. I'm so confused. Which would go first? Huh! In fact, initially wanted to help a friend but everyone asks!
I hesitate to reject his offer because they are best friends. Duh ...

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