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My house is being repaired

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Mom take shelter in this house since he was in college. As for me, had been born in this house shelter. Already you can imagine yourself how old this house. Age of the house is about thirty years. And since occupied, the house is completely renovated yet.
So, in 2012 this house was very fragile and have a lot of wall and floor cracks. Seeing the condition of this house, mom's brother very concerned and told mom to renovate the house. Initially, mom did not agree due to cost. The cost to repair this house about 70 million.
But, brother mom says "do not worry about the cost. I will bear all costs "indeed, beginning to renovate the house, mom's brother gave the money for ten million. Then, the money was gone and her mom just sent money amounting to two million. Two million is just to buy a few bricks, gravel, and ceramics.
Until finally, mom's brother did not send money. Mom to be confusion. With increase of only 3 million a month mom could not afford the renovations.
New problems arise again. Grandfather said so angry "Yaniv is not capable to improve the house! See what has happened!" Essentially, every day mom and grandfather fought for the issue home.
Does not end there. Now, mom to vent his anger at me. I was suffering too. And the biggest problem for me, this house is not feasible because the roof is dismantled all occupied and the back holes. And, if you can feel the pain living in this house?
Hence the value of my exams so low. I'm really confused and suffering

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