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True Story: Blind mother of a shame I

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When I was growing up, I got to know a nice little life, feelhappiness has a handsome face, happiness has many admirers at school, the happiness of my intelligence to be proud of many teachers. That's me, but one that must beI cover it, I'm ashamed to have a mother who is BLIND! His eyes no one. I was so embarrassed,really
I wanted perfection lies to me, none have defects inalso in family life. At that time the father has been called the backbone of ouradvance by the Almighty. I'm left only child who shouldthe backbone of a substitute father. But all that I ignored. I'm just concernedneeds and my needs only. Mothers were working to make food for the employees inSewing a simple house.
At one time the mother came to school to see my situation. Since it was a few daysI went home and did not sleep at home. Due to slum it makes me sick,I have made perfection widened defect. Going to reach any kuperoleha perfection.
Right at the break, I saw the figure of an old woman at the door of the school. His clothes were neat and understatedpolite. That was my mother who has one eye. And that always makes me ashamed and moreShe called me again embarrassing. "Going to the mother doing here? Mom came only toembarrass me! "screaming from me to make my mother immediately went away. And that'sI was expecting it. Mother rushed out of school. Because I kehadiranyareally ashamed, very ashamed. Until a few of my friends say and ask. "Hi, it'sya mom?, his mother a yes? "which made me like a thunderbolt hadquestions like that.
A few months later I left school and got a scholarship at a school outsidethe country. I got a scholarship to seek and chased me so I could leaveI particularly dirty house and left my mother made me ashamed. Turns out I hadget it. I proudly puffed chest and I went away without tellingMother because to me it is not necessary. I live for myself. To hell with my mother. Athat they hinder my progress.
In school, I was a student on the most popular because of the cleverness and ketampananku. I havesuccess and then I married a girl living in Indonesia and Singapore.
Long story short I became a successful, very successful. Where I live a very luxurious, Ihave a boy aged three years and I'm very fond of her. Even Iwilling to risk my life for my son's.
10 years I lived in Singapore, learning and fostering a harmonious household and similarI never once thought about my mother's fate. The least I could not miss her, I do notworried. I'm HAPPY with my life now.
But one day a perfect life is disturbed, when my son was busyplaying in front of the door. Suddenly came an elderly woman and a little shabbyhim. And I saw she was my mother, my mother came to Singapore. Whether for what and fromwhere he obtained the fare. He came to see me.

My mom just kicked me instantly. I casually said: "HEY, YOU GO Beggar. YOUMY SON TO BE AFRAID! "And without saying kasarku replied, then she smiled," Sorry,ME WRONG ADDRESS "
Without feeling besalah, I went into the house.
A few months later came the reunion invitation letter from my high school. I wascome to attend and the reason my wife that I'd offices abroad.
Long story short, I arrived in my hometown. Soon only want to attend the reunion andhad little to boast of this success. I managed to make all my friendsI am now amazed at this.
Reunion finished for some reason I want to see my home state before returning to Sigapore. Noknow what makes me feel go to see a slum and the old woman.Arriving in front of the house, no feelings of sadness or guilt to me, even I myselfactual disgust. With no sense of sin, I entered the house without knockingdoor first. I see the house is so messy. I do not find the figure of an old woman inin the house, I do not know where he is, but actually I was relieved not to see him.
I rushed out and met one of my neighbors. "There you are, too.Your mother had died a week ago "
"OH ..."
Only words that come out of my mouth. There was no little sadness in my heartI felt when I heard my mother had died. "Here, before his death, mother givesthis letter for you "
After submitting the letter he immediately hurried away. My open letter sheet that has been kucal it.
For my son who I love very,I love my son I know you hate me. But I appreciate all the time to hearnews that there will be a reunion in your school.I hope that I can see you once again. because I'm sure you'll come to the reunion eventthem.
To be honest mother missed you so much, very deeply that every night I can onlycried looking at your picture the only thing that mothers have. Mother never forgot topray for your happiness, so that you can be successful and see the world at large.
Just so you know it my dear, honest eyes that you use to see the wide worldone of them is my eyes that always makes you embarrassed.
My eyes I gave you when you were small. At that time you and your father had an accidentgreat, but the father died, while your right eye blindness. I do not have the heartThis beloved children live and grow with a defective eye so I gave this one my eyesfor you.

Now I'm proud of you because you can achieve what you want and aspire to.
And I will very happy to see the wide world with my eyes that I gave you.
As I write this letter, I still hope to see you one last time, but Ithink it is not possible, because I was sure death before my eyes.Hugs and kisses from my beloved mother
Like a lightning bolt that struck in broad daylight all my nerves, I was speechless! I realizedthat makes me ashamed of my mother's actually not, but myself ....

NB: Actually, this story using the Indonesian language but I have translated into English

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junior high school test announcement

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I do not have long to open this blog because I created a new blog. But, my new blog was quiet so I turn to this old blog. When I opened this blog, I was so surprised by the comments of so many. His comments are very nice. I decided to switch to this blog.
In this article, I want to tell you about my experience this afternoon. Do you know what happened this afternoon? Of course not, hehe. This afternoon was the announcement of the first high school tests.
As experienced by every person in the world when the announcement of the test, I was so worried. Afraid that does not pass the test. If I did not pass the test, my family and I would be embarrassed at all-out mad.
But, I was relieved when a friend of mine told me that I passed the test. I felt relieved. But, I still want to see the announcement directly that I know how much I get.
I was so upset when I see the value. It passed but not necessarily satisfy value. My math scores 70! What value is it? During my practice of mathematics in the classroom, I always get a value of 100. The lowest 85. And even then only twice.
My father and my mother scolded me. In fact, I passed the test. Not just my mom and dad are angry, my friends and my teachers as quasi hear my math scores.
I'm sorry. Before the test, I did not learn because I feel smarter already. And the result .... Not satisfactory! I was very embarrassed. And I promised myself not to feel smart again. Hopefully, this experience into a bad experience last in my life.
Hopefully my story is useful to you.


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