Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Elections Miss

Siapa Orang Paling Misterius : Farras Salsabiila 0 Kripik dan Sambal
Because of lack of work in schoolsa fad, I miss the election held in the classroomThere is a smart missmiss fabulouscute missmiss elfeilfunny misspretty missmiss easy-goingand othersIt's all twelve girls in my class because the number twelve. A friend of mine suggested, there is a bad miss and miss naughtyButI do not want to. I'm afraid to make my friends offended.
Selection is based on the results of voting miss me and my friends ownWant to know the resultThis is it!
Miss SmartFarras (I own)
Miss Cute: Naurah
Miss ElfeilAnnisah Syairah
Miss SweetyAttaya
Miss PrettyAnnisa Aryani
Miss FunnyNiken
Miss PatientDesi
Miss DocileRara
Miss FabulousArin
Miss easy-goingAyu
Miss Grown UpNadya
Miss MysteriousBelia

 really want to be Miss Cute or Miss Elfeil :D
Miss election held every monthSo, there's still next month so that I could become Miss Cute or Miss ElfeilHahaha ..
Sixth grade is really exciting! I do not regret going to class 6G is very very excitingHehehe ...
Actually, the selection of this miss just for fun only. Butwhat's wrong with you guys try? Instead, listen to sad songs while cryingHehe ..

Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

My impression in the sixth grade

Siapa Orang Paling Misterius : Farras Salsabiila 0 Kripik dan Sambal
sixth grade was fast. Will be held early next month Try OutOuch .. it was not yet ready! Iwas so sad to leave our beloved school, elementary school Al-Falah Islamic. Uwaaa .. said my friend, if sadly left the basic school, next year remains in the Al-Falah only. Huh .. Where possible! now I'm confused once againI'll go where ya Junior High SchoolIslamic Boarding SchoolI have not quite independentI can not meet every day with my friends again when junior high school because not all of them want to go to the same junior high schoolMy teachers ... I apologize for as long as you teach, I often chatted. Hihi ... Buta lot of dreams that have not materialized in elementary schoolIs ittomorrow-tomorrow we just discussed because it was late and I must sleep.


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