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junior high school test announcement

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I do not have long to open this blog because I created a new blog. But, my new blog was quiet so I turn to this old blog. When I opened this blog, I was so surprised by the comments of so many. His comments are very nice. I decided to switch to this blog.
In this article, I want to tell you about my experience this afternoon. Do you know what happened this afternoon? Of course not, hehe. This afternoon was the announcement of the first high school tests.
As experienced by every person in the world when the announcement of the test, I was so worried. Afraid that does not pass the test. If I did not pass the test, my family and I would be embarrassed at all-out mad.
But, I was relieved when a friend of mine told me that I passed the test. I felt relieved. But, I still want to see the announcement directly that I know how much I get.
I was so upset when I see the value. It passed but not necessarily satisfy value. My math scores 70! What value is it? During my practice of mathematics in the classroom, I always get a value of 100. The lowest 85. And even then only twice.
My father and my mother scolded me. In fact, I passed the test. Not just my mom and dad are angry, my friends and my teachers as quasi hear my math scores.
I'm sorry. Before the test, I did not learn because I feel smarter already. And the result .... Not satisfactory! I was very embarrassed. And I promised myself not to feel smart again. Hopefully, this experience into a bad experience last in my life.
Hopefully my story is useful to you.

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