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How to change the name on facebook is already limited

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My article is mean, the maximum change the name on facebook is 10. While one could just change the name of more than 20 times. Therefore, I created this article. The original article is Indonesian Language. But, why did I make the English language? The answer, to practice my English skills.
Do not confuse it for you who do not understand English! In the second column of this blog already have Language Translator so you can immediately translate this blog. But, if the language you use does not exist in Language Translator this blog, just take it! There translate.google.com are ready to help.
Perhaps it is no longer so impatient? Go ahead. It's how:

1. Log into your facebook account
2. Select Account Settings and change your name to the list of other names.

3. After changing the name, click this: http://www.facebook.com/hacked/
4. Secure Account and click continue to follow the steps
5. In Step 3 Review Changes. Review the existing options and Fix Your name, well here why we should change our name before. So as if the name of our Facebook
replaced by others. that's where we are given the option name change.

Hopefully this article useful yes.

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